Hello, welcome again, I am the owner of All Forms Physical Therapy. My credentials include a masters degree in Physical Therapy with graduate work completed at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I have over 20 years of experience including hospital based acute care and rehabilitation, nursing home, home care, and outpatient orthopedic and neurological  rehabilitation, with numerous continuing education certificates in manual therapy and sports medicine.  

Personal injuries along the way have led me to explore many healing modalities with many practitioners - mainstream and alternative. It is from both my professional and personal experience that I offer a comprehensive view of healing- evaluating your injury/challenges etc, in relationship to your whole human form - to all your muscles and joints , to nutrition and to the activities of your life.

My work is professional, eclectic, and intuitive. I use hands-on manual therapy techniques combined with neuromuscular reeducation, gait and movement training, and therapeutic exercises to help alleviate pain, correct dysfunctional movement patterns and restore normal function. Included in my work is extensive education provided to my clients. I enjoy teaching about the anatomy and mechanics of an injury, and of the healing concepts behind any treatment approach.

Please see "what we do" page for a full list of services offered at the clinic.

MollyJarin, MSPT
"I love and appreciate the abilities of the human form, with personal experience both as an athlete and a couch potato."
M o l l y  J a r i n,  M S PT















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