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The Pocket Gym: If you’ve wanted to start and stick with an exercise program that works for you, but the larger gym environments seem overwhelming and the do-it-yourself routes keep fizzling out, then you may want to check out classes at the Pocket Gym!  Instructor Molly Jarin is a licensed Physical Therapist who is offering 6 and 10 week educational classes to help people develop balanced exercise habits.  Small classes with 4 to 5 people using state of the art equipment can be utilized as a spring board to an independent program, or for ongoing motivation and learning throughout the year.  Consistency with your program is enjoyably maintained with the camaraderie that is developed within each class. Click here to see information on The Pocket Gym, or call 734-222-7010 for specific class times and fees.

Exercise In The Garden: Instructor: Molly Jarin, MSPT.  Learn about simple and fun conditioning exercises that can be done right in the garden that can help prevent back, knee, shoulder and wrist pain - which tend to be common body complaints during the gardening season. Key elements to joint conditioning will be discussed.  Learn what to do at the first signs of painful symptoms, thus nurturing your body as you nurture your garden!  No experience necessary!

Call to register and for more information

Cross Training For Couch Potatoes: Lying on a sofa for hours can place great strain on back and neck muscles, making it difficult to endure your favorite movie marathon. Common symptoms, occurring mainly with prolonged couch time, may include numbness in the arms and legs, and various areas of pain in the back, legs, arms and neck. But, strain no more! These ongoing classes will help you stretch and strengthen in balanced proportions leaving your Form ready for any sofa! Some couch potato experience necessary.
Instructor: Staff
Call for more information.

Nature Circles: Instructor: Molly Jarin, Learn first hand how Nature Circle experiences can help increase communication across social and age barriers, and how simple reflections and sharing can leave you with a sense of connectedness to yourself, the earth and those around you. Learn how to facilitate a Nature Circle in your community with family, co-workers , business partners. Call to register and for more information


Let Your Body Do The Talking: and Lets Have Fun! 

As part of the Power of Awareness In Our Everyday Lives: Responding Vs Reacting Retreat by Brenda Morgan, PhD, March 12, 2010:

Have you ever wondered how do different walking patterns come to be?  We can all recognize certain ways in which people walk.  Maybe you can identify your friend or a certain family member from a distance by their posture, or walking pattern.  Today we will explore such issues as: Are our walking patterns modeled after influential people in our lives, our parents? Are they a result of injury, or habit? How much is from genetics, vs energetics? And, can they be changed or influenced in any way? Can conscious changes in our walking, also known as “gait” pattern be used to promote or attract wanted energy in our lives?  To begin this exploration we will first be stepping “into the body” and exploring the feelings that can be generated from different postures, progressing to feeling the energy in different walking patterns that we use in different environments.  The second step will be practicing postures and patterns which increase awareness of the body and employ simple changes in movement to help us respond more effectively in our daily lives.  














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