We work with all ages
10 and up.

acute injuries,
chronic pain
a new irritation
balance difficulties
general weakness

We love and serve all forms, whether you're athletic, sedentary, or somewhere inbetween

There are many conditions that we see, including, but not limited to:
Chronic and acute symptoms of Post Surgical Rehabilitation
back pain
shoulder, knee and hip and back surgery
foot and ankle surgery
herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease (DDD)
Neurological Rehabilitation
neck pain
parkinsons, stroke, multiple sclerosis
radiculopathies - nerve symptoms in the extremities
carpal tunnel syndrome
Injury Rehabilitation
tennis elbow and golfers elbow
Return to Work/Sport Conditioning
shoulder impingement syndrome
sport injuries
frozen shoulder
auto injuries
rotator cuff tears
repetitive stress injuries
hip and knee osteoarthritis
work related injuries
ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis

**A physicians prescription is required in the state of Michigan to receive Physical Therapy services.  
Please call
if you have questions concerning your prescription needs.




manual therapy:
joint mobilzation
myofacial release
muscle energy technique

therapeutic exercise

neuromuscular reeducation

therapeutic modalities
electrical stimulation
heat and ice

Lifestyle choices, nutrition, and emotions cannot be ignored in the big picture of how we heal and are therefore considered during the course of any program.














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